The Powerful And Easy To Use 3D Engine
DarkGDK is a portable 3D engine for Windows for all of your real-time 3D needs. No other package out there makes it so easy to incorporate all of the special features and effects you see in todays games with the benefits of Microsoft's DirectX 9 technology right at your fingertips.

Screenshots from games created with The Game Creator's DarkBASIC products

What Makes DarkGDK So Special?
For the first time ever, the power of the PC and Microsoft's DirectX engine can now be controlled by everyday programmers. It's no longer the sole domain of the expert 'C' programmer.

Anyone with a reasonable grasp of programming with a DarkGDK compatible programming language can now make 3D objects move around the screen interacting with other game objects and taking live responses from the game player's inputs.

Compatibility With Multiple Programming Languages
The goal of DarkGDK is to provide a flexible engine that can be taken with you as your language requirements change, and to provide a means of rapid 3D application development without the need to relearn a new SDK.

Projects supported by DarkGDK out of the box:

Visual Studio C++ 2010
Visual Studio C++ 2008
Visual Studio C++ 2005
Visual Studio C++ .NET 2003
Visual Studio C++ .NET
Visual Studio C++ 6
GNU make/GCC g++
PureBasic 4

Pixel & Vertex Shader Support
Support for modern NVIDIA and ATI's powerful graphics cards are supported out of the box with advanced pixel and vertex shader support.

You have full and direct control of these awesome hardware effects from within the DarkGDK engine. Specialized shaders can be used to alter lighting and surface effects that replace artificial, computerized looks with materials and surfaces that mimic reality.

Products created with DarkGDK Commercial are license and royalty free.

2D Features
Super-Fast 2D Sprites
Mirror, Stretch and Blur
Fade, Transparency and Rotate
Screen-Sized sprites
Fast Collision
Animated Sprites
Gamma Control
Scale Sprites
2D Drawing Functions

DLLs containing formatted functions can be dropped into the compiler plug-ins directory for simple, modular upgrading

* DarkGDK is compatible with all DarkBASIC Professional plugins, adding thousands of new commands to an already elaborate feature set.
Binary Space Partitioning (BSP)
Potential Visibility Set
Pixel & vertex shaders
Real time shadows
True reflections
Advanced terrain
Multiple camera views
Particle system
Lightning fast 2D sprites
Polygon collision detection
Bump mapping
Light mapping
Environment mapping
Bone based animations
Cartoon shading
Rainbow rendering
Low level access of object data
Vector and matrix manipulation

All This And So Much More!
Even though we have told you some of what DarkGDK can do, we have only just scratched the surface here. We haven't even mention the cool particle system that lets you create sparks, explosions, fire or snow, - the multiple camera support allowing rendering to new locations and off-screen bitmaps, multi-player support for LAN and internet games, and lighting effects.

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